Submit Your Own Flavor Design

First off, we’d like to start off by saying we appreciate your creativity, unique flavor profile, and input. None of the flavors below that refer to alcohol actually contain any alcohol, these are just flavors which allow us to simulate the taste of alcohol in our lab (and we assure you, getting the mixtures of these right is harder than you might think).

PLEASE NOTE: Any ideas you submit become the property of Vape Envy of Texas and we reserve the right to use the name you supply (or not) 🙂

If you’re still ready to be the next flavor mix master, then proceed with caution below, keeping in mind that unfortunately under the current FDA guidelines it may be a while before a flavor that you create, we test, and decide to make commercially available can be sold in the store. In the meantime, we hope you’ll stop by and check out some of the amazing flavors that we already have (all of which have some pretty rave reviews from our customers).

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